Installing a New Doorbell

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How do I install a doorbell?

Installing a New Doorbell

Finally replacing your old doorbell, or adding one to your new home? Regardless of design, most doorbells install in three basic steps*:
1. Start by wiring the transformer to your junction box. After shutting down the power to the circuit you are using, remove the junction box cover and confirm electricity is off with a voltage tester. Connect and position the transformer wires in the junction box. Use wire connectors to link the transformer's black and white cable wires with the transformer wires. Secure transformer to junction box with the provided locknut and sleeve.
2. Now it's time to install your pushbutton. Run cable starting at the transformer and the chime box (this makes the sound), then over to the pushbutton where you hook up the cables to the terminal screw. Using a screwdriver, affix your pushbutton to the mounting screw hole.
3. To hang your chime box, utilize the mounting screws to secure the box on the wall at all four corners. Following markings in the box, connect the transformer and pushbutton cables to the appropriate terminals. Place decorative cover on chime box.
All done! Now just test your new doorbell by giving it a ring.

*Remember to always use caution when working with electricity in your home, or call an electrician when in doubt.



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