Handy Hints for Installing Doorbells

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Are there any hints for installing doorbells?

Handy Hints for Installing Doorbells

When preparing to install a doorbell in your home, there are several things to keep in mind:
• When running wire for the doorbell, take a measurement of the length from your pushbutton location to the transformer, and then add about 15 feet to the measurement. This additional cable length will help provide you with some leeway as you route your cable through twists and turns.
• Installing two or more doorbell pushbuttons? Calculate the measurement of the distance from each of your pushbutton locations back to the transformer, and then add the extra 15 feet to that total.
• Pushbuttons are the most convenient when installed at doorknob level about four to five inches from the edge of the door.
• To ensure an unobtrusive chime box, mount your interior box unit six feet from the floor, at a minimum.
• Run cables inside walls or ceilings so they are safely out of sight.
• Remember to always use caution when working with electricity in your home, or call an electrician when in doubt.



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