Repairing Doorbells: Getting Your Chime Back

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How do I repair a doorbell that isn’t ringing?

Repairing Doorbells: Getting Your Chime Back

When your doorbell loses its chime, it may be cheaper and faster to repair it rather than replacing it with a new one. Many times, doorbells just need a cleaning, or maybe a new wire or part. For a doorbell that isn't chiming at all, try these trouble-shooting steps:
• Test Your Pushbutton - Since they are exposed to the elements, doorbell pushbuttons can become clogged with dirt or even damaged. Open the cover, brush the contacts with sandpaper, and then lift up the contacts with a screwdriver to force the chime to sound. If nothing happens, try touching the cable ends together. If that makes the chime ring, then the pushbutton should be swapped for a new one. If the chime rings weakly or not at all, then the chime box may be the trouble.
• Test Your Chime Box - Check the chime box and the transformer for slack or worn wires, and repair them by tightening or using electrical tape. Ensure all cables are attached to the chime terminal.
• Test Your Transformer - With a live transformer, use a multi-tester or low voltage diagnostic tool to test the voltage terminals. A new transformer should be installed if no voltage signal is detected.
*Remember to always use caution when working with electricity in your home, or call an electrician when in doubt.



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