Repairing Doorbells: Put the “Ding” Back in “Dong”

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How do I repair a doorbell that doesn’t sound clear?

Repairing Doorbells: Put the “Ding” Back in “Dong”

Doorbell on the fritz? It may be more efficient to repair it instead of replacing it. Your doorbell might just need to be cleaned, or need a new wire or part. For a doorbell that doesn't sound like it used to, try these techniques:
• Replace rubber grommets – If your doorbell's rubber grommets are stiff or easily broken, you may experience a muffled chime. New rubber grommets will clear that up.
• Clean chime parts – If the clappers, plungers, or gong on a doorbell are grubby or covered in dust, the chime may be barely audible. Remove the chime box cover and use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove the debris. It is not recommended that you clean electric or digital chimes in this way.
• Upgrade the transformer – A home with multiple doorbells may result in frail or late chiming, so installing a transformer with higher low-voltage production will provide more power to each doorbell.
*Remember to always use caution when working with electricity in your home, or call an electrician when in doubt.



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