Pushbuttons for Your Doorbell: Add Some Flair!

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How can I add style to my home with a new doorbell pushbutton?

Pushbuttons for Your Doorbell: Add Some Flair!

Let your guests get a sneak peek of your personal style before they even enter your home with a decorative doorbell pushbutton. Countless designs are available in a wide range of finishes, shapes, and sizes. Manufacturers such as Nutone and Broan offer finishes including:

• Polished, antiqued, or brushed brass

• Oil-rubbed bronze

• Polished, brushed, or satin nickel

• Painted finishes in black, white, or wood-like tones

• Verde or patina

• Polished chrome

There are also a myriad of shapes and designs available for doorbell pushbuttons. These range from traditional rectangular and round designs to whimsical shapes such as animals, fruit, or botanicals. There are even special kits for installing on a stucco wall. You can also opt for a lighted button to make it more visible at night. A new pushbutton can be the start of something great at your front entry door.



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