Changing Your Tune With a New Doorbell Chime

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What if my doorbell’s chime is boring?

Changing Your Tune With a New Doorbell Chime

Tired of the same old "ding-dong" when your doorbell rings? You can change your tune in about 10 minutes by installing a new chime box. Maybe you want a more stylish decorative doorbell, or you want to jazz up your doorbell's song. Either way, companies like Nutone, Broan, and AirKing make an assortment of options.
Chime boxes are available in wood, plastic, ceramic, brass, and faux stone finishes. There are designs made to blend-in and designs meant to make a statement. For upgrading your chime's sound, choices include 2-note, 4-note, or 8-note Westminster chimes. The widest range of tunes is available with digital doorbells which can have dozens of songs programmed for your enjoyment.



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