Accessible Design: Door Handles

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How can door handles benefit from accessible design?

Accessible Design: Door Handles

As more and more Americans reach their golden years, there is an increasing demand for accessible design in exterior door handlesets and interior door handles. Accessible design is about making products, services, and surroundings as useable as possible by the widest group of people in spite of of age, capability or situation. Accessible design is also known as universal design, barrier-free design, adaptable design, and assistive technology.
Many people with arthritis, or even children, may have trouble opening and closing door handles. This is one area where accessible design can help. Interior designers and architects are now designing and renovating homes using universal design principles. For example, installing lever door handlesets instead of round models will greatly increase the accessibility of the door, because there is no grasping or twisting action needed to operate it. Another option is the egg-shaped door handle which is more ergonomically designed than a round handleset.



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