Door Handles: Nuts, Bolts, and Other Tidbits

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Are there any hints concerning choosing and installing door handles?

Door Handles: Nuts, Bolts, and Other Tidbits

When choosing and installing door handlesets, there are several helpful things to keep in mind:
• Using exterior door handlesets and interior door handles that have a similar style or finish will produce a smooth transition as you move throughout your home.
• Even though round door handles are the most frequently used, they are considered the most difficult to turn. Lever or egg-shaped door handles are more ergonomically designed.
• Due to its resilience against rusting, brass handlesets are the most well-liked, although door handles can be found in many metals, ceramic, wood, glass, and even plastic.
• Door handles typically use a screw axle called a spindle. When a knob loses traction, fine-tuning or exchanging the set screw can put a stop to spindle slipping.



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