Fashionable Door Hardware for Auxiliary Exterior Doors

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How can my auxiliary exterior doors be more fashionable?

Fashionable Door Hardware for Auxiliary Exterior Doors

Once your door hardware parts and your front door hardware have been perked up with new designs, it's time to get your other exterior doors up to the same style standards.

• Try adding garage door hardware such as handles, latches, corner braces, hinges, knockers, and studs. These decorative items are intended to give your garage door the look of a carriage house or stable door.

• When changing out your patio door hardware, you can choose from any exterior door handle that suits your design taste. French doors look especially elegant with lever style door handles.

• Improving your screen door hardware and storm door hardware is a wonderful idea since this is the first door to be encountered, even before the main door. Most of these latch and knob sets come with a slide lock and have reversible handles for in-swinging and out-swinging doors.

• For updating your sliding door hardware, try a flush pull or edge pull as a new handle pull. Both are suitable for pocket door applications as well.



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