How to Pick a Door Lock: Wafer Tumbler and Tubular Deadbolts

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How do locksmiths pick Wafer Tumbler and Tubular Locks?

How to Pick a Door Lock: Wafer Tumbler and Tubular Deadbolts

In addition to pin-and-tumbler dead bolt locks, there are also wafer tumbler and tubular locks to consider.
Wafer tumbler locks are cylinder-based locks that feature tumblers shaped like wafers instead of pins. It can be easier to pick this kind of lock because of a larger keyhole opening, although the basic lock-picking method is the same as with pin-and-tumbler sets. Wafer tumbler deadbolts usually have spring-loaded wafers with holes in their centers, through which only the right key will pass. Some wafer tumbler locks have pairs of wafers, called double wafer locks, which require both sides to be picked while pressure is applied with a tension wrench. Wafer locks are commonly used in cars, padlocks, lockers, and filing cabinets.
Tubular locks are pricier than wafer tumbler or pin-and-tumbler deadbolts, but they offer a more secure locking mechanism. These locks are harder to pick because they have pins all along the inside of the cylinder, rather than just a single row of pins. The standard procedures for picking a lock are generally not effective on tubular locks.



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