Types of Deadbolts

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What are the different types of deadbolts?

Types of Deadbolts

Deadbolts are not only offered in a wide range of decorative metal finishes and design styles, they also have different internal components to consider. A dead bolt houses a cylinder mechanism whereby pins create a unique lock and key combination. There are several different kinds of dead bolt locks to choose from:
• Single cylinder deadbolts feature an exterior keyed lock, but have only a turn piece on the inside of the door.
• Double cylinder deadbolts have keyed locks on both the exterior and interior of the door. This type of lock provides extra peace of mind when your door is close to a window or sidelight that can be shattered.
• One-sided deadbolts have no exterior lock, just the interior piece. Sometimes called a keyless dead bolt, these are an additional level of personal protection at home.
• Vertical deadbolts are variations on the normal dead bolt and are installed above a door to strengthen it against being pried open.



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