Beyond Deadbolts: Extra Items for Door Hardware Safety

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Are there any extra items to make my door safer?

Beyond Deadbolts: Extra Items for Door Hardware Safety

Since many criminals know how to pick a door lock, it is a good idea to beef-up your door hardware in other ways to supplement your deadbolts. Try one of these ideas to make your door even more secure:

• Put flush, surface, or Dutch deadbolts on the inside of your door. These types of latches usually have a bolt rod which slides into mounted fasteners or plates.

• Add a security fastener that uses a chain or hook to firmly latch your door to the door frame.

• For the ultimate kick-proof door, try purchasing a door jamming bar that locks between the floor and the door handle. Another option is the floor-mounted security wedge like the Power Wedge.

• Install long strike plate screws into the door jamb to replace the standard short screws used by most builders. Use screws at least three inches long.

• Upgrade your externally exposed door hinges with non-removable hinges that are only accessible from the interior side.



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