Cabinet Door Hinges

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What kind of hinge can I purchase that is not seen when the cabinet door is closed?

Cabinet Door Hinges

There are various choices when it comes to choosing a hinge for your cabinet doors. Different types of cabinet hinges have different purposes. Here are some facts about several kinds of hinges you can use on your cabinet doors.

The concealed cabinet door hinge is not visible when the cabinet door is closed; this gives the cabinet door “center stage”. These hinges are usually European style cup hinges. The free-swinging cabinet door hinge simply hold the doors in place it doesn't have any kind of closing mechanism, but the self-closing cabinet door hinge will allow the cabinet door to close itself if the door is a certain distance from the closing position. Wrap cabinet door hinges wrap around the cabinet frame from front to the edge and sometimes around the back. Each type of hinge serves a certain purpose and gives a certain style to the cabinet doors.

Consumers can choose a cabinet door hinge to satisfy their needs by determining what they want to accomplish and how they want the cabinet doors to function.



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