Replacing a Door Lock Actuator in Your Car Door

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Where can you find door lock actuators?

Replacing a Door Lock Actuator in Your Car Door

Door lock actuators are found in the locks of your car door. The car owner can replace an old door lock actuator by following some simple steps (see the detailed instructions on your door lock actuator package or from your cars manufacturer).

First you must locate the door lock actuator location, which is behind the panel of your car door. Now, you peel back the vapor barrier being careful not to rip or damage it. Once the door lock mechanism is exposed you can locate the door lock actuator. Using a Phillips screwdriver you remove the door handle that is attached to the lock. Remove the door lock assembly exposing the door lock actuator. Then, remove old door lock actuator and replace it with the new part. Make sure you line up the door lock actuator with the proper slots and slide it into place. Return other parts to their proper location and test you lock to make sure it works properly.



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