"Child Friendly" Door Stops

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What kind of doorstop will aid in child-proofing my home?

"Child Friendly" Door Stops

A typical doorstop has two pieces, a metal spring and a rubber end cap. This type of hardware can be a hazard for young children in the home.

An alternative for a two-piece doorstop is a one-piece plastic doorstop, which has no sharp edges, springs or removable end caps. This doorstop is a "child friendly" substitute for your home. It provides the same conveniences of a traditional doorstop with shock absorbsion and wall protection, but doesn't have the safety hazards.

A one-piece doorstop will aid you is achieving a "child-proof" home.



8/10/2006 11:03:47 AM
Jeremy said:

Not sure how the spring kind are dangerous to children?


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