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How can I use barn door hardware?

Barn Doors: Beyond the Farm

Barn-style doors aren't just for picturesque, pastoral settings anymore. Many people incorporate barn door hardware parts into their garage door design for a rustic, stable door look. Large barn-style doors are even being brought inside where sliding barn door hardware makes them a functional part of a home or commercial setting. Sliding room divider panels are perfect for a modern loft apartment or other industrial-style home because the space can be customized depending on the family's needs.
Barn door hardware includes latches, stay rollers, cremone bolts, weather-stripping, and hinges. Richards-Wilcox and Pemko are leading makers of barn door hardware and accessories.
Sliding barn door hardware is comprised of several elements: a track that runs along the top of a door opening, a guide track that runs along the floor of a door opening, and wheeled hangers that the hold door in place and allow it slide with ease. Coburn, Richards-Wilcox, and Henderson are popular makers of sliding barn door hardware sets.
Barn door and sliding barn door hardware are also known as industrial hardware, slide door hardware, and heavy duty door hardware.

How can commercial door hardware be used?

Door Hardware for Commercial Uses

When designing an office, warehouse, or retail store, you should consider using commercial door hardware that will make the space more versatile and interesting. For example, large barn-style door panels can be made very user-friendly with sliding barn door hardware. Such design solutions are also known as heavy duty door hardware and industrial hardware.
Commercial exterior uses for sliding door hardware include:
• Large warehouse doors
• Vehicle maintenance doors
• Hanger doors
• Security gates
• Doors and gates for zoos
Commercial interior uses for sliding door hardware include:
• Art gallery and museum display panels
• Chalkboards and tack boards for classrooms or boardrooms
• Showroom displays or dividers
• Theater acoustical panels or stage dividers

How would you enlarge the hole which has already been cut? New lockset is larger in diameter the old lockset.

Drilling a Larger Lockset Door Hole

A hole saw, found at your local hardware store is the solution. Most come in simple kits with many hole saw diameters and fit into your portable or cordless drill. Perform the following steps:

  1. Take a six-inch length of scrap 1in.X3in. or 1in.X4in. and drill a pilot hole in the center.
  2. Clamp the scrap wood with pilot hole on the door, centered over the existing lock-set hole. Centering can be accomplished by measuring or by putting a dowel through the pilot hole and visually aligning the scrap.
  3. Select the appropriate size hole saw per the new lock-set's instructions and mount in the drill.
  4. Using the pilot hole as a guide, drill the new hole through the scrap wood and the door.

How can I find antique door hardware?

Antique Door Hardware: Cherishing Designs of the Past

Maybe you have a charming Victorian era home, or maybe you just built a new home that's in need of some character and classic style. Either way, antique door hardware may be one of the keys to beautifying your home with a salute to historical designs. The architecture of the Colonial Era, the Federal Age, the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Victorian era, and Modernism (era between 1920 and 1960) showcased superb door hardware and cabinet door hardware that are still in demand today.
Vintage, antique door hardware parts can be found at auctions, estate sales, demolitions, and through private collectors. You can also find period hardware through vendor websites on the internet or even on eBay listings. Register covers are another antique hardware item that can be sourced through similar avenues. Can't afford vintage antique door hardware parts? You might look into reproductions of period hardware that are almost indistinguishable from the originals.

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