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What can you use to fill in the overstretched hole on the doorframe?

How to Fix a Loose Door Hinge

If you have a loose door hinge that has stripped the doorframe, it is still fixable. You can use a golf tee to solve your problem and fill in the over stretched hole.

Take the door off the hinges and squirt carpenter's glue into the hole. Now, insert the golf tee and tap it until it is tightly in the open space. Then, cut off the golf tee flush with the doorframe (you can use a utility knife). Allow the glue to dry and affix the hinge back on the door by inserting the screw into the golf tee.

You can also just fix one hinge at a time so you don't have to remove the door and totally rehang it.

How can you care for you car door hinges?

Caring for a Car Door Hinge

It is important to properly care for your car door hinges. A car door hinge should be cleaned and lubricated regularly for maximum functionality. You can lubricate a car door hinge with either clean engine oil or spray lubricant like WD40. Make sure the area is clean and free from debris before lubricating the hinges.

How do a choose a garage door hinge?

Garage Door Hinge

Garage door hinges are sold in gauge ratings. The size and weight of your garage door will depend on which garage door hinge should be purchased. Most garage door hinges are made of top quality galvanized steel. They come in 13-18 gauge measurements.

When installing garage doors you want to make sure your garage door hinge selection is the proper gauge and size for your particular door. Many hinges come with safety features, which is a good idea to have especially around young children. Proper hinges and installation are essential when attaching the garage door to your home.

What kind of hinges should you use on glass doors?

Screen Door Hinges

Screen doors or glass doors need heavyweight hinges in order to perform their task. Solid brass hinges tend to perform better than the "residential grade" hinges found at most hardware stores. The hinge pin in the brass hinges allows for easy installation. It allows the installer to be able to trial hang the door without having to remove the finials every time.

Using a quality grade hinge will help your screen or glass door last longer and shut properly.

What is a lambo door hinge kit used for?

Lambo Door Hinge

Lambo door hinges and conversion kits can be purchased at many auto accessories stores. You can make almost any model of car or truck look like it has Lambo doors with a simple Lambo hinge kit.

Lambo door hinge systems are CAD designed and made of steel with triple checked welds for smooth operation. These Lambo hinges feature a 90-degree lift or 130 degree adjustable lift. You can choose from a standard Lambo hinge kit with a manual operation or a deluxe Lambo hinge kit with a motorized operation. Add a sporty appearance to any vehicle using a Lambo hinge kit system.

What is a swinging door hinge?

Swinging Door Hinge

Swinging doors are popular in kitchens, bar areas and even shower doors can use a free-swinging door hinge.

The swinging door hinge is usually a pivot hinge that allows the door to swing both ways. The swinging door hinge comes in many styles and sizes. One of the most popular swinging door hinges is the "two-way swinging pivot" hinge. This hinge has a pivot point, which allows the door to swing both ways so you have access to your room or shower by pushing your door in two directions.

What are barn door hinges made of?

Barn Door Hinges

Barn door hinges are typically made of heavy-duty wrought steel. These hinges are shaped different then typical door hinges. Barn door hinges are usually L-shaped hinges that offer lots of support for the thick, heavy barn door. The barn door hinges come in all kinds of finishes including antique brass, rubbed bronze and black nickel.

Barn door hinges are made to support large amounts of weight and endure various types of weather. Barn door hinges should be used in sets of three to properly support the door.

What can I use on squeaky hinges?

Door Hinges With a "Sticky" Problem

To solve a "sticky" door problem, first check the door hinges and make sure they are aligned correctly. Once you have eliminated that possibility then you can try some other tricks.

Another suggestion for fixing a "sticky" door is to fold some sand paper around a wooden block and sand the area around the door hinge that is "catching." Once you have made your edge smooth then you can repaint and seal that area to prevent moisture from warping your wood.

If you have squeaky door hinges it is best to use a spray lubricant like WD40.

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