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What is a door stop alarm used for?

Door Stop Alarm

Door stop alarms can be used to stop intruders by alarming you when someone is attempting to open a door. A Wedge Guard door stop, alarm which is a rubber wedge that you place under a door to guard against entry, is a portable door stop alarm that can be taken on vacation or on business trips. This small door alarm will help you sleep easy at home or away from home, giving you the piece of mind that your door is guarded.

What is a sliding door stop called?

Sliding Door Stops

Sliding doors have a door stop commonly called an end stop. These door stops prevent sliding doors from hitting the wall. A steel bumper is used to stop the door and prevent it from sliding off track. Sliding glass doors often have a rubber stop that lines the length of the door frame for a soft halt from the sliding motion.

Where can you use flip down door stops?

Flip Down Door Stop

The flip down door stop is typically used on doors that need to be propped open often. If you have an outside door that you use a lot to go in and out, then a flip down door stop is a good choice. The flip down door stops are more convenient than a loose door stops because they can easily be tucked back into the door and are not loose on the ground to trip over. Flip down door stops are common on door in commercial building because of their simplicity and convenience.

Where is a door mount door stop placed?

Floor Mount Door Stops

The floor mount door stop is mounted into the floor in back of your door. It is designed to protect the door and the wall from damage. A floor mount door stop is ideal for interior doors, such as kitchen and bedroom doors. Floor mount door stops are made of steel, brass, nickel and bronze.

What kind of doorstop will aid in child-proofing my home?

"Child Friendly" Door Stops

A typical doorstop has two pieces, a metal spring and a rubber end cap. This type of hardware can be a hazard for young children in the home.

An alternative for a two-piece doorstop is a one-piece plastic doorstop, which has no sharp edges, springs or removable end caps. This doorstop is a "child friendly" substitute for your home. It provides the same conveniences of a traditional doorstop with shock absorbsion and wall protection, but doesn't have the safety hazards.

A one-piece doorstop will aid you is achieving a "child-proof" home.

What is the function of a magnetic doorstop?

Magnetic Doorstop

A magnetic doorstop is a “dual function” doorstop that will protect the wall as well as serve the purpose of a door holder. The magnet will hold the door in place while protecting the wall behind it.

Magnetic doorstops come in different shapes, sizes and finishes to accommodate any door in your home. These doorstops are ideal for home offices and outside doors. Make your home complete with a multifunctional magnetic doorstop.

What is an advantage of doorstops?

Decorative Door Stops

Avoid repainting and replastering your walls often by using doorstops. Doorstops come in many shapes and sizes. You can accent your home decor by purchasing decorative doorstops.

Doorstops come in all colors, shapes and sizes. For the golf lover you can add some appeal with cast iron "Play golf" decorative doorstop. You can buy decorative wood doorstops to match your casing or try a modern chrome door holder for a contemporary look.

No matter the shape, size or style of doorstop you choose, doorstops are essential for protecting the construction and appearance of the walls in your home.

What can antique doorstops do for your home?

Antique Doorstops

Antique doorstops can create a "rich" environment in a new or existing home. Wall mounted doorstops provide the same protection as a baseboard doorstop, but have a different appearance and shape.

Bedrooms are a convenient place to have a wall-mounted doorstop. The doorstop can be hidden when the door is open and an antique doorstop can blend with the room décor. These doorstops can also be mounted up higher so they are out of reach for young children.

What kind of protection does a hinge pin door stop provide?

Hinge Pin Door Stop

The hinge pin door stop is designed to fit your existing hinge pin. This door stop has a stationary stop and an adjustable stop to customize the stopping distance between the door and the wall. A hinge pin door stop works well for outside doors, bedroom doors and bathroom doors. The hinge pin door stop provides superior protections against wall and door damage.

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