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What is the first thing you do when installing a peephole?

Installing a Peephole in Your Door

When installing peephole in your front door, first you should decide what height is comfortable for all members of your family. Then mark the middle of your door where you are going to drill the hole. Now, use a small drill bit to make a hole completely through the door. Then, switch the drill bit to the diameter indicated on the peephole box and drill halfway through the door on one side and switch to finish drilling through the door on the other side. Make sure the right side is facing out by looking through the peephole then position the two sections in the door and tighten. Use your screwdriver in the interior slots to finish tightening. Once your peephole is installed test it out and make sure your viewer is clean and ready to use.

What kind of door peephole is best for thin doors?

MiniScope Door Peephole

The MiniScope door peephole is a unique 200 degree peephole that is designed to fit thin doors. This door peephole provides a superior view that is exceptionally clear and sharp compared to other door peepholes. Because it can fit in doors with a 3/8” to 1 3/8” thickness these door peepholes are perfect for doors in apartment complexes and condos

What is a tips for viewing the visitor outside?

Safety Tips for Using Your Door Viewer at Night

When using a door viewer make sure the person on the outside doesn't know you are inside so do not make noise while viewing the outside of your door. Make sure the outside of the door is well lit. Determine whether or not you know the guest knocking on the door. If you don't know who is visiting your home then quietly stay inside and don't answer the door. If you feel that the visitor threatens you then proceed to call law enforcement for backup.

How large is the screen on the NuScope peephole?

NuScope Peephole

The NuScope peephole provides a 5/8” picture of the visitor at the door and the entire outside area. This optical device is made from solid die cast metal for durability. It easily fits in doors with a standard peephole. This high tech security device is made to eliminate the need for a standard peephole.

What kind of decoration can you put on your peephole?

Peephole Adornments

You can decorate your door peephole with an attractive adornment. There are many types of decorations you can secure on your door around the peephole for an attractive ornament. Choose from animals, birds, insects, flowers and more. These decorations are made of durable polyresin, bronze or brass plating. You can add style and appeal to your entry way with a peephole adornment on your front door.

How far is your panoramic view with the Ultra Vision door viewer?

Ultra Vision Door Viewer

The Ultra Vision door viewer is one of the most advanced door viewers on the market. This door viewer has a technologically advanced lens that provides a panoramic view. The viewer has a 2 ¼” screen that you can see outside for more than seven feet away. This particular door viewer is made of high quality ABS plastic resin that is fire resistant. Because of the high resolution lens the door viewer is perfect for elderly and handicapped people, children and small adults.

What is on the first things you should do when you move to a new residence?

Door Peepholes and Apartment Living

When moving to a new apartment or condo, have the doors rekeyed for extra precaution. Make sure your door has a peephole with a wide-angle lens so you can determine who is at the front door. Install locks on sliding doors and windows for added protection. Use common sense when it comes to entering and exiting your residence.

What type of door viewer can give you a good look outside?

Home Security Tips

Landscaping, believe it or not, can contribute to the security of your home. Although bushes and trees can provide privacy and shade for your yard they also provide hiding places for intruders. Make sure your bushes are trimmed back away from your door, your trees are well groomed and the limbs are trimmed back away from the house. A wide-angle lens door viewer will provide you with the means to see a panoramic view of the space around the door, but trees and shrubs can hide a person who is lurking on your property. Long hanging limbs can provide access to the second story of the home. Another tip is to have a maintained yard a groomed lawn is a good indication that someone is home.

What kind of lens is in the WideVision peephole?

WideVision Lens Peephole

The WideVision peephole contains an advanced prism lens, which provides a wide angle, 132-degree view of the outside. This allows you to identify people up to six feet away without having to press you eye against a small peephole. With this device it is like having a color television at your front door.

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