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What is a door knocker earring?

Door Knocker Earring

Generally, door knockers have some sort of ring hanging down that performs the knocking motion needed to use the door knocker. The large round rings on the door knockers are sometimes called a door knocker earring. The rings can measure anywhere from 3” to 6” in diameter. The door knocker earring is a decorative ring hanging from the door knocker and it looks somewhat like a “hoop earring”. Door knocker rings can be made of various materials such as cast iron, brass, nickel, etc.

What type of door knocker would make a great gift?

Door Knocker as a Gift

Door knockers can make great gifts. If you a looking for a unique house warming gift or something to “spice up” your house then a customized door knocker could be the answer. You can buy an angel door knocker to watch over the house of a “loved one” or buy a novelty door knocker for someone as a “gag gift”.

Some places will engrave messages, names and initials on your door knocker to give it a personalized image. This door accessory can make a wonderful gift for any homeowner on your gift list.

When were door knockers the most popular?

Door Knocker History

Although door knockers have been used through the years in many different times and eras, the most popular periods for door knocker were in the Colonial and Georgian times. Door knocker in these times were fancy cast iron creations usually painted black. These door knockers were status symbols and were designed to “dress up” the door and be an accessory that guests could admire. There are two specific style categories of door knockers. They are plain shaped door knockers with a ring (usually shaped like an oval) and head shaped door knockers of human, animals and angels (the lion's head being the most popular).

In the late 19th and 20th centuries door knockers were typically made of nickel and chrome plating. Today we are following the same trend.

What is the first step to installing a door knocker?

How to Install a Door Knocker

When installing your door knocker on the front door you must first decide the position of your door knocker and use a spirit level to check the vertical and horizontal site. Your door knocker should have protruding lugs on the back that need to be secured from the inside of the door. Once you have decide where you want your door knocker then push the door knocker into the door to imprint the lugs position so you can drill your holes. Now screw the bolts into the lugs on the back of the door knocker while pushing the through the holes in the door. Tighten the fixing nuts and if the bolts are too long then a hacksaw can be used to cut them off. When you are finished you should be left with a stylish door accessory that is sure to make a grand entrance on the front door.

What does a door knocker consist of?

Definition of a Door Knocker

The door knocker definition according to information sources on the Internet is “an item that allows people outside the house to alert people inside of their presence”. Generally a door knocker consists of an outer plate with a weighted ring attached to strike the plate and make a noise. Door knockers come in many shapes, colors and styles. Currently you can find many types of door knockers including shapes of animals, fruits, devils, etc.

How often should you clean a brass door knocker?

How to Clean Your Solid Brass Door Knocker

If you have a solid brass door knocker you should clean it once a month to keep the brass shiny a new. The best way to clean brass is to wipe it with a soft cloth. You can use a mild soap to wash away dirt and top it off with a brass polish for extra shine. Keeping your door knocker clean is essential for the image and appearance of the entrance to your home.

Why purchase an antique door knocker?

Antique Door Knocker

Antique door knockers are sought after just like other antiques, furniture, clothing, etc. Finding the perfect antique door knocker for your door can be as easy as searching various antique stores and dealers. Various antique dealers have door hardware including antique door knockers just waiting for antique lovers to purchase.

An antique door knocker can add the elegance and appeal you are looking for, right at your doorstep.

Why buy a brass door knocker?

Brass Door Knocker

A brass door knocker can be an elegant addition to your door. This door accessory comes in many shapes, sizes and moldings. A brass door knocker shaped like a lion's head is sure to offer a timely essence of the Georgian Era. More modern shaped door knockers will add appeal to a modernized home style. Solid brass is a heavy-duty material that can withstand weather and other elements to ensure a pleasing image on your front door.

What kind of door knocker will show signs of weathering?

Caring for Iron Door Knockers

Iron door knockers are probably the most likely to show signs of weathering. If you choose a door knocker made of iron material then you should treat it with chemicals that will slow or halt the oxidation process. Check your door knocker periodically to spot rusting. If the iron begins to rust then sand the affected area and paint the door knocker with a rust retardant paint to further protect your door knocker.

It is important to catch rust or other damage early so it doesn't spread and affect your door.

Where can you get a personalize door knocker?

Personalized Door Knockers: A Customized Door Accessory

Personalize your door with a personalized door knocker. Many specialized door hardware stores offer personalized door knockers. These door knockers can display the name of your family, initials of someone, special sayings or the name of a business. A personalized door knocker can add appeal to your door and proudly display the name of the family living in the house. Door knockers are convenient, but the homeowner needs to take into consideration the style of the home before deciding to purchase a door knocker.

Door knockers blend in great with “old style” homes like a Colonial or Victorian home décor. If the home is contemporary the door knocker might not look good with the door design and décor in the home. Although there are many types of door knockers they do not suit every style of home, so homeowners should selectively pick their door hardware and decorations.

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