How to Install a Door Knocker

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What is the first step to installing a door knocker?

How to Install a Door Knocker

When installing your door knocker on the front door you must first decide the position of your door knocker and use a spirit level to check the vertical and horizontal site. Your door knocker should have protruding lugs on the back that need to be secured from the inside of the door. Once you have decide where you want your door knocker then push the door knocker into the door to imprint the lugs position so you can drill your holes. Now screw the bolts into the lugs on the back of the door knocker while pushing the through the holes in the door. Tighten the fixing nuts and if the bolts are too long then a hacksaw can be used to cut them off. When you are finished you should be left with a stylish door accessory that is sure to make a grand entrance on the front door.



10/1/2006 2:46:56 PM
Gaye Shepherd said:

I love your explaination but am looking for different positions on a door that you can put a door knocker. Does it have to be in the middle of the door? What is proper?


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