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What are privacy door knobs?

Privacy Hardware for Household Doors

There are certain doors in the home that most people like to be able to lock on occasion. The master bedroom door and bathroom doors are prime examples of doors that generally have privacy door knobs. All privacy door knobs, like the Baldwin door knob have a built in lock, but can only be locked from the inside of the door. These door knobs however have a child safety feature and can be unlocked from the outside as well. Using a small screwdriver you can unlock a privacy lock from the outside of the door.

A Baldwin door knob is a good choice for your privacy door knob needs. The Baldwin brand is known for its quality and "upper end" hardware products.

Where do you use "dummy hardware"?

Door Knobs: "Dummy Hardware"

"Dummy hardware" is used on doors that are not opened, but the door knobs are just there "for show". This type of hardware is common on double doors where one door is stationery. Some double doors have door levers where one side opens and the other side has the "dummy hardware" so it looks uniform with the other door.

Dummy door knobs can also exist on doors where the latch is located somewhere else on the door besides the door knob. For example, an outside door or gate may have a latch somewhere else on the door, but have a dummy door knob to make it look more appealing.

What are door knob hangers used for?

Door Knob Hangers: Popular for Advertising

Many advertisers use doorknob hangers to advertise their businesses. These uniquely shaped flyers are convenient because they hang nicely on the doorknobs of most front doors.

Door knob hangers are popular among real estate advertisers and dentists. Politicians are another group that use door knob hangers to promote their political campaigns. These full color advertisements are effective and fairly inexpensive.

Why would you use a glass door knob?

Glass Door Knob

Glass door knobs are used to accentuate a certain style of door. Glass door knobs will accent certain home decor. These door knobs are elegant, but may not be "child friendly" or as durable as metal door knobs. Most glass door knobs are just for "show" and lack in durability.

If you have children you may want to choose a door knob made of sturdier material like brass or steel.

What does antique door knob mean?

Antique Door Knob

An antique door knob can be classified as the type of finish for your door knob or it can be a door knob style for a certain kind of decor. Antique door knobs in the "old style" sense were made of beautiful wood. The wood workmanship was amazing in old "Victorian style" homes. Another kind of "antique door knob" would be the crystal of glass door knobs.

Today we have door knobs with antique brass finishes or antique door knobs made of iron. Choosing the right style of door knob for your home whether it is an antique door knob or something else is very important to the appearance of your doors.

What type of doors use keyed hardware?

Schlage Door Knob: Superior Security

Keyed hardware is used on doors that can be locked from the outside with a key. These doors can be locked from both inside and out, but the outside is physically with a key. Security door knobs like an Schlage door knob are used on exterior doors, sheds and gates.

An Schlage door knob is a good choice for keyed door knobs. Schlage is known for their security door knobs and locks.

What is a door knob bag?

Door Knob Bags

A door knob bag is a bag typically made of plastic that is used to hold promotional information for various advertisers. You can use a door knob bag to hold large amounts of promotional material.

The door knob bag is similar to the door knob hanger, but the bag can hold multiple items. The door knob bag allows advertisers to combine their resources so they can include multiple advertisements in one trip to the "door knob".

What are cabinet door knobs used for?

Cabinet Door Knob Functions

A cabinet door knob can be used to open cabinet doors or they are sometimes used just for decorative purposes. Some cabinet doors look finished without a cabinet door knob, but others need the door knobs to give them that "finished" or “completed” appearance.

Cabinet door knobs come in various shapes, sizes and styles. You can purchase a cabinet door knob to match the wood on your cabinets or there are glass cabinet door knobs, solid brass and stainless steel.

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