Exterior Door Handles: Be the Best on the Block

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What options are available for Exterior Door Handles?

Exterior Door Handles: Be the Best on the Block

You can refine the entry to your home with a distinctive handleset for your front door. Although custom designed door handlesets are obtainable, there is a multitude of ready-made options available including:
• Thumbgrip operated handles – This type of handleset features a latch above the handle that you press down with your thumb to open up the door.
• Knob and lever operated handles – A round knob is a classic door handle that is still widely used for exterior and interior door handles. Lever door handlesets have a long, paddle-like horizontal lever that makes it easy to open your front door if you are carrying groceries or have arthritis.
• Screen & storm door handles - These protective doors lead to the outside and can be upgraded to a thumbgrip handle or a lever handle.
• Deadbolts sets – When you need extra peace of mind, try adding a stand-alone deadbolt to go along with your door handleset.



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