All About Register Covers

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What options are there for Register Covers?

All About Register Covers

If your home has heating and air conditioning, chances are you have register covers in multiple spots throughout your residence. Upgrading your register covers is another opportunity to beautify your house, since most homes feature registers on the floor, ceiling, or sidewalls. You can also replace baseboard returns, floor vents, and return air grills, to name a few. The dampers, diffusers, and louvers – which fasten to the bottom of a grill cover and allow the airflow to be adjusted – can be upgraded as well.

Like a good number of door hardware parts, register covers are made in a plethora of finishes including metal and wooden options. The design and style options can range from Victorian to contemporary. Manufacturers of decorative register covers include Brass Elegans, Reggio Registers, Hamilton Decorative, and Acorn Manufacturing.

When getting size dimensions for your replacement registers, measure the length and width of the opening in your wall, ceiling, or floor – don't use your existing register as a guide. There can be anywhere from two to twelve screws needed to safely hold up the weight of your register or grill, so make sure you mount all the screws through to the wood framing or use drywall anchors, especially for ceiling registers.



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