What is Lock-Picking?

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What is Lock-Picking?

What is Lock-Picking?

Most of us carry keys almost everywhere we go, since we usually need them to gain access to our homes, cars, and offices. All these keys and locks give us a sense of security, but we all know that locks can also be easily manipulated. Locksmiths make a living by opening a lock without a key, or lock-picking as it is called. Before a locksmith can learn how to pick a door lock, they must first have an understanding of how locks and keys function.
A standard dead bolt makes use of a cylinder lock, which usually has a pin-and-tumbler design. This design gives deadbolts a unique pin-and-tumbler code that only the proper key (or lock picker) can break. The likelihood of someone having the same key as you is very low, due to the number of lock designs and manufacturers, and the fact that each lock has about a million possible pin combinations.
Pin-and-tumblers feature tiny pins of various different lengths laid out in pairs. When a key is inserted, the notched shapes of the key push up the pin pairs at varying levels. Only the correct key will line up the all the pin pairs with the shear line and free up the plug, allowing you to move the bolt. A locksmith will utilize picks, a tension wrench, and raking techniques to overcome pin-and-tumbler based deadbolts.



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