Operating a Keyless Door Lock

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Why would you choose a keyless door lock?

Operating a Keyless Door Lock

Homeowners generally choose keyless door locks for convenience and safety. The keyless door lock has a keypad where you type in a combination to unlock and lock your door. The keyless door locks are typically used on front doors, patio doors or sheds. Your keyless door lock is not convenient or safe if it is not functioning properly.

If you have a keyless door lock on your door then you need to make sure it functions properly by changing the batteries regularly and making sure the batteries and the battery area is clean. You can use a cotton swab to wipe away dust and debris from the battery channel. Keyless door lock batteries come discharged so you must make sure they are fully charged before using them. If you take steps to make sure your keyless door lock and batteries are functioning properly then you will be able to ensure the safety of your home and your family.



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